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Why You Should Throw Away Your Condiment Packets Before Your Customers Do

Posted by GMV Sales on Dec 5, 2018 4:56:32 PM

Why You Should Throw Away Your Condiment Packets Before Your Customers Do


We live in an era when almost a third of all our food supply is actually thrown away. At the very same time, we also use more resources to package, ship, store, and serve our foods than ever before.


The questions become: Are these two facts sustainable? Are they leading to higher profits for foodservice operators? And perhaps even more important, are they okay with today's consumers?


The answers to all three are "no," and according to a Horizon Media study, 81 percent of Millennials expect companies to be good corporate citizens, while according to Nielsen, 66 percent of all consumers are willing to pay more for products and brands that are committed to environmentally friendly practices.


It sounds like a better reputation and higher profits are attainable just by using sustainable practices, and nowhere is this more apparent in foodservice than when it comes to condiments.


We essentially have two choices as operators. We can provide portion packets of ketchups, mustards, barbecue sauces, etc., and they certainly do have their place in areas like take out and drive throughs, or we can utilize condiment pouches and dispensers from Server Products, which are ideal for in-store dining.


Let's take a look at why:


With packets, many of them are not completely emptied before they are thrown away. This results in wasted product, while at the same time leaving a mess behind. In some cases, packets are not even used at the table, and wind up being thrown away without even being opened. These facts don't even take into account the amount of packaging waste created.


From a cost standpoint, a single-serve, nine-gram packet costs roughly five cents per packet, or $72.95 per 1,500 box. Compare that with condiment pouches that many ketchup makers now offer in 1.5- or 3-gallon pouches with a box of two 1.5-gallon pouches costing $37.06. The results speak for themselves.


When you do the math, you save nearly $35 when you buy ketchup in pouches versus the exact same amount in nine-gram packets.

Once you have the pouches, you have to dispense them. The Server Products Express dispensing system can help. Even better, at just the cost of seven boxes of ketchup pouches, you will have paid for the entire unit.


We encourage you to get in touch with us to go through the numbers and learn more about the savings behind pouches versus packets.


Not only will you become a more sustainable restaurant, you'll also experience greater profits by lowering your food expenses. As for your customers, no more ketchup fingers or chipped teeth from trying to bite open another packet of mayo.


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