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Why Every New England School Cafeteria Should Consider a Combi Oven / Steamer

Posted by GMV Sales on Mar 4, 2020 9:13:47 AM



Every day schools are preparing meals for hundreds and thousands of students. School cafeterias are responsible for making sure students receive the proper nutrients to stay healthy and supported in the learning process.


We understand the struggles schools are up against when it comes to lunchtime. Luckily, there are products out there designed to make lunchtime during the school day as efficient as possible. See why all schools in the New England area will want to consider investing in a combi oven.

What is a Combi Exactly?

Combi ovens are quickly changing the way cafeterias approach cooking. These ovens were specifically designed to maximize time, space, and allow for cooking with high precision and quality. Kitchens around the world have been utilizing combi for many years because they experience limitless cooking variety. Prepare food with steam, convection, dehydration or a combination of the three. With these capabilities, combi ovens make it so much easier for chefs to ensure their food is prepared quickly and consistently without loss of quality. 

Some the Benefits of Using a Combi

With the combi, school cafeterias can prepare a wide / diverse menu each and every day. Investing in this equipment means investing in cooking technology that offers an unlimited amount of options when it comes to preparing a variety of foods. Combi's offer multiple cooking modes that allows for complete control and versatility. The steam mode, convection mode and combi-steam mode allow kitchen staff to tackle anything on the menu.


If space is truly an issue, you will be happy with the size and versatility of a combi oven. At just 11 square feet of space, the combi oven will free up room in your kitchen and eliminate the need for duplicate equipment. No more hood space? There are solutions for that too. Click here to learn more about Ventless technology.


  • Save labor
  • Improve food quality & student experience

Why Choose RATIONAL?

RATIONAL has a reputation as  "the chef's company" for a reason. RATIONAL has over 45 years of cooking research and more than 600 patents making them a leading expert in the field of mass cooking. Impressed customers, consistent focus, and entrepreneurship are the three core elements that are at the heart of RATIONAL and all of RATIONAL's products.


No idea how to use all of those cooking modes mentioned above?? Don't sweat it, RATIONAL has iCookingControl®. Which in a nut shell means you can tell the machine what food you are putting in and how you want it prepared (grilled, poached, roasted) and the cooking intelligence takes over for you.


Another example, the Finishing® feature on RATIONAL  helps staff in the kitchen when it comes to adding final touches and serving the end product. Imagine 120 grilled cheese sandwiches in 4 minutes!!


Worried about cleaning and maintenance of the equipment? RATIONAL feature an automatic intelligent cleaning function which helps cafeteria staff save on time and the hassle of scrubbing and cleaning. Intelligent? yes, based on how you used the machine that day, it will recommend a certain level of clean and also instruct how much soap (tablets) to use. This helps insure you have a clean healthy appliance without under or over using chemicals.RATIONAL combi ovens supply chefs with easy-to-use controls that consistently deliver exceptional results time and time again. 


RATIONAL allows schools to update and transform menus to include more diverse and healthy options. Healthy options are very important to RATIONAL, they have been "air-frying" for years now. School cafeterias will definitely want a brand and products that they can trust, and with RATIONAL, that and so much more is made possible. Take a look at RATIONAL's philosophy, and it will be evident why RATIONAL has such a glowing reputation.


With the combi, school cafeterias are able to enhance the lunchtime experience for both the staff and the students they serve. By investing in a product that allows cafeterias to deliver such high-quality products and impressive services, schools will ultimately have a positive impact on the culture, environment, and, most importantly, the students.



Visit this resource to learn more about the advantages of all the different ways cooks can utilize RATIONAL combi


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