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Why Does Soda Taste So Much Better at Certain Restaurants?

Posted by GMV Sales on Sep 21, 2018 3:44:56 PM

Why Does Soda Taste So Much Better at Certain Restaurants


We've all been there. Please drive around and pay at the first window. Then as you're waiting at the second window for your bag of burgers, they hand you a large soda. You pull the paper wrapper off the straw, poke it through the hole, and...


Why does it taste so much better?


There are a few reasons why soda tastes so much better at certain restaurants, so let's take a look at a few of the most important ones.


First of all, it's important for operators to follow guidelines provided by beverage manufacturers. They're the ones who know their products the best, so the ratios and conditions those manufacturers recommend should be followed.


The ingredient operators provide to the mix, though, is the water.


When some of the world's leading fast-food chains serve soft drinks, slushes, milkshakes, and other types of drinks, the quality of water used will have an enormous impact on the quality of those beverages. One way to ensure quality water -- and water that is consistent from region to region, location to location -- is to filter that water.


It cannot be understated…

Understanding the water that is supplied to your business is more important today than it ever has been.


Water quality is different in every town or city and sometimes different across neighborhoods. Here in New England, our roads are treated in the winter with salt and sand. That “road treatment” eventually makes its way into the ground and eventually the water supply. Those minerals, salts and particles can destroy some equipment in your foodservice operation without you knowing it until it's too late.


Local towns and cities are also treating water with more chemicals year after year. Those chemicals (chlorine, ammonia, chloramine, etc) can ruin a great cup of coffee, espresso, or carbonated drink.

To find out more on your water supply, we recommend you start with your town water department website. They have to publish test results annually, and although its not perfect to your exact address, its a great starting point for you to understand if your water needs to be filtered. Odds are (unfortunately) you will probably need some version of filtration.


Now that you have checked your water supply, what do you look at?

There are four main challenges when it comes to water:

1. Health and safety.
2. Turbidity, which is basically the sediment and particulates water can contain.
3. Chemical odors and flavors.
4. Scale and hardness.

In order to provide high quality soft drinks, operators must pay attention to these four areas of focus.




With a water filtration system.




We like the Antunes VZN water filtration system. It uses a .015 micron ultra filter to remove particles that are 33 times finer than a .5 micron filter, which is the industry standard. What this basically means is one leading chain that has amazing soft drinks can filter out 33 times more sediment than a competing chain that doesn't.


Translation? Safer beverages.


The next step is to remove unwanted chemical odors and flavors. The presence of a carbon element in a water filtration system is critical, as it will eliminate unappetizing tastes and smells from the chlorine contained in incoming water. It can also promote consistency across a chain's various locations.


Translation? Better tasting beverages.


Finally, the Antunes VZN water filtration system uses a Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) cartridge to reduce lime scaling by as much as 98 percent without the use of chemicals or the need to waste water. This prevents maintenance issues from scale build-up on beverage equipment.


Translation? Save time and money.


Can you think of a large global chain that is known for GREAT tasting fountain drinks? Did you ever stop and wonder how or why “theirs” just tastes better?

Why GMV is committed to Antunes?

Antunes-logo-taglineWe recognize the need to pay attention to the details when it comes to food and beverage service. Antunes is a global leader in water filtration solutions that help operators achieve high quality beverage programs. They offer a variety of filtration solutions to meet your unique water filtering needs. It doesn’t hurt that they are family owned with a corporate home based in the United States either.


Learn more about Antunes' water filtration systems at your convenience, or schedule some time to talk with an expert.


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