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What Does Best-in-Class Walk-In Refrigeration Look Like?

Posted by GMV Sales on Feb 1, 2019 12:50:12 PM

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Every year, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine releases their list of best-in-class foodservice equipment. In 2017, walk-in refrigeration and freezers from Thermo-Kool were awarded the best-in-class label for all three available categories including best-in-class walk-in refrigeration from dealers, operators, and overall.


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Thermo-Kool walk-ins are designed for customization, durability, and performance. Here's why:




Thermo-Kool walk-ins are made with 100 percent urethane, high density panels. The thermo-kool gmvsalespatented Durathane design offers superior strength, durability, and insulation with panels that are available in one-inch increments. This versatility in design allows for greater flexibility depending on the needs of the project.


With Thermo-Kool panels, every one locks in place so there's no cutting and pasting required on site. Additionally, panels can be customized to fit into hard-to-fill spaces or even to wrap around columns, and they can be fabricated and pre-assembled in the Thermo-Kool factory for easy inspection before the unit is shipped.




When it comes to producing an environmentally friendly product, Thermo-Kool walk-ins go above and beyond. With zero ozone depleting insulation combined with the recycled materials used in the manufacturing process, Thermo-Kool maintains a reduced carbon footprint.


Energy efficient equipment is a growing challenge for foodservice operators, and Thermo-Kool's Green Initiative meets energy regulation requirements. With automatic door closers, spring-loaded hinges, and vinyl strip curtains and vinyl doors, exterior doors keep the cold inside and the hot air outside. Other energy efficient features on Thermo-Kool walk-ins include reflective glass, motion sensor lighting, temperature monitoring with door alarms, thermostat control for door frame heaters, and scroll compressors.


DOOR CONSTRUCTIONthermo-kool new england


One of the features that makes Thermo-Kool walk-ins so effective are their patented UL listed doors. With a reinforced steel u-channel frame, doors have extra support, and with their even distribution of weight, sagging, warping, or buckling are prevented.




Both interior and exterior surfaces of Thermo-Kool walk-ins can be selected from a variety of metal finishes including aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel, white baked-on enamel, or painted finishes to match the design of the facility. Some Schools will select school colors as their finish like these folks from Texas.


Thermo-Kool finishes




Milford High School Combo Box Replacement (Summer 2018)

The GMV Sales team helped the Milford High School replace their old wood framed combination cooler/freezer this past summer. The original panels from 1973 began to separate, creating air gaps. That opened up safety hazards and created efficiency issues. GMV was able to provide the school with a much more efficient refrigeration system and much more efficient panels saving them thousands in energy costs. We also installed a much taller box allowing for more storage that the school badly needed.




- Low Ceiling Height

- Poorly Lit Space






- Taller and Well Lit
- Energy Efficient and Safe


Thermo-Kool renovation

Thermo-Kool walk-in

Learn more about what separates Thermo-Kool walk-ins from other options. Schedule some time to talk with an expert at GMV Sales.


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