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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Wahlburgers and the Winston CVap

Posted by GMV Sales on Jan 30, 2020 3:54:04 PM

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Wahlburgers and the Winston CVap


Shout outs from famous people are always good. When those people have the last name Wahlberg, it's even better.


Chef Paul Wahlberg is one of the stars of the A&E hit show, "Wahlburgers," which is a series based on the restaurant chain under the same moniker that is famous for, you guessed it, hamburgers. Co-owned by chef Wahlberg and his two famous actor/producer/singer brothers, Donnie and Mark Wahlberg, the restaurant utilizes Winston's CVap technology to execute the restaurant's menu to perfection.


Here's a brief recap of CVap, as well as what chef Wahlberg has to say about it.


What Is CVap Technology? 

Unlike convection ovens that can overcook the outer portion of the food before the inside is done leaving it dry and unappetizing, CVap ovens use controlled vapor technology, a combination and heat and water. The technology provides more control, consistency, and yield. The food is cooked evenly with all the interior juiciness and exterior crispness desired in a cloud of moisture regulated at a precise temperature. 

  • Cooking with water vapor uses less time than conventional methods, therefore consuming less energy
  • Improved labor costs and productivity can be improved by overnight cooking
  • The prepared food can be held at safe temperatures with no loss in flavor and quality 

What Difference Does The CVap Equipment Make For Wahlburgers? 

For chef Wahlberg, using the CVap equipment has made a vast difference in cooking the burgers in his locations across the U.S. The precision and efficiency provided, combined with the reduced cooking time and labor costs, have a significant impact on his food service operation. 


For example, the Wahlburgers signature burgers are staged through the CVap equipment, taking them to a certain temperature. The Wahlburgers restaurant style burger, at eight ounces can be served in four minutes vs fifteen minutes with traditional preparation. The ability to achieve the quality, consistency, and juiciness -- everything expected from a Wahlburgers burger in such a quick time -- lends itself very well to supporting the company's reputation for delicious food and excellent service.




For chef Wahlberg, CVap has changed his thoughts about timing. With some specific "tweaks" to how his food products are cooked in the equipment, it means he can provide quick service in some of his locations to better serve his customers. The versatility of holding cooked products while maintaining the consistency, temperature, texture, crispiness, and crunchiness, is ingenious.




Overnight cooking has become important with Wahlburgers thanks to the CVap equipment. The food reaches a certain point and will not go higher. The yield is much higher for braising because it is cooked on a low simmer. The higher the yield, the lower the food cost -- all while utilizing less labor.

What Chef Paul Wahlberg Has to Say About Winston CVap Technology 




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