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Two New Dinnerware Collections from BauscherHepp That Are Rooted in Geography

Posted by GMV Sales on Mar 8, 2019 12:17:05 PM

Two New Dinnerware Collections from BauscherHepp That Are Rooted in Geography


There are many current trends in dinnerware, and with two new collections from BauscherHepp, you can pretty much cover them all.

More and more, we see dinnerware patterns and décor that is rooted in nature, earthly designs, and geography. Wood, earth tones, elements – they’re all part of the current trends. Places, famous locations, antiquity – they’re all being played out on table tops across New England. Finally, there’s the trend of mixing and matching, a combination of all these different styles, that are also adding some popular imperfections to our preferences.

BauscherHepp has two new collections that capitalize on the trends of nature, geography, and eccentricity.


Meltemi Tabletop Collection from Bauscher


Just one look at Meltemi, and you can see where it gets its inspiration. From the coast of Portugal across the famous isles of Greece to the shores of Turkey, this stunning collection is a breath of fresh air to some of the more buttoned-up options – in more ways than one.

Meltemi is the name of the winds that blow in the summer months across the Mediterranean, particularly in Turkey and Greece, that can often strand travelers on some of those amazing vacation locales. The collection is designed to be a bit eccentric, with various patterns and styles that stem from the contrasting whites and blues of the Greek flag. Look for geometric designs and the famous Greek octopus from antiquities to add some flair to your Mediterranean plates.


Sienna is what we call a return to earth. Styled after the famous clays in and around Siena, Italy, this collection uses contrasts to make its point.

The burnt sienna and raw sienna colors we’ve come to enjoy in art are originally derived from the terra di Siena, which means earth of Siena. The reds and oranges from these natural clays and soils pair with stark, white patterns in Tafelstern’s Sienna collection to bring out the best in both hues. At the same time, the clay colored options are matte, while the white are glossy, which adds an entirely new level of contrast in this collection.

Look for Meltemi and Sienna from BauscherHepp. Request your samples today.



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