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The Importance of Organizing Your Keg Room

Posted by GMV Sales on Aug 20, 2019 2:25:29 PM

The Importance of Organizing Your Keg Room


Everyone in the food and beverage industry knows that a disorganized kitchen or front-of-the-house is disastrous for keeping an establishment running smoothly. Effective organization means efficiency, and efficiency most often spells reduced costs and increased profit.


Another area of your establishment to check when it comes to organizing is the storage of the inventory, which includes the keg room---a frequently overlooked but important area to consider, particularly because it can be so profitable.


Keg storage rooms too often become a place to throw random things, a quasi storage room replete with expired items or even foods that are no longer on the menu! Having a messy or disorganized storage area makes it tough to put your hands on things quickly and makes the task of taking inventory tedious and time-consuming. Consider the following points:


* Taking stock on inventory quickly and easily not only saves time but will help to reduce errors when restocking products.GMV- Cooler Concepts organizing


* Anyone who has ever attempted to lift a full keg knows it isn't easy. A full keg weighs 161.5 pounds! And if the keg you want is blocked by a wall of kegs, you have a tiring and time-consuming delay ahead of you.


* If kegs are stacked on top of one another, there's the danger of their falling and causing a serious injury. If one has to crawl over one or more kegs to reach the keg wanted, kegs can get knocked over, which, among other things, unsettles the beer and makes it foamy. But that can be minor compared to a serious injury from a tumbling keg.


Space, Efficiency, Safety: One Key Is Your Shelving System

For these and other problems, a good solution can be a customized shelving system. This will allow the most frequently used kegs to be stored on specialized dollies, which eliminates the need to lift or roll them in the first place. An added benefit is that it makes it easier to keep storage areas clean and sanitary, a food-service industry essential. Every keg should not have to be moved every time the floor has to be swept or mopped. With strong, ample shelving in place, cleaning, organization, and inventory management will be a lot easier.


Organizing a keg room comes with its own set of considerations. Products can be organized based on how much you sell, for the simple reason that those products have to be retrieved more often and logically ought to be more readily accessible. Organizing kegs by expiration can also help reduce waste by making sure the keg nearest to expiration is always used.


Hotels, bars, taverns, pubs, restaurants, entertainment venues like stadiums and arenas, and breweries -- all have keg and beverage storage and can benefit from having a system in place for making optimal use of space and improving efficiency in service. Of course, the scale of each of these business types varies considerably.

Whatever the scale, though, when seeking a shelving system to keep your keg room organized, consider safety, organization, and storage capacity.


Tips for Selecting a Keg Room Shelving System:

  • Shelving must be tough enough for the inevitable wear and tear of storing and transferring heavy kegs over the long term. Take a look at the Cooler Concepts customized shelving system for your walk-in beer cooler. It is designed in every way to make your keg storage easier to navigate, safer for the staff, and more efficient. 
  • The shelving system has the potential to create considerable additional floor space, which means additional inventory may be accommodated. 
  • When your keg room is organized with a proper shelving system, there are clear, open pathways. That means no more turning sideways to squeeze through tight spaces, no more knocking things over. The right shelving system will help to eliminate wasted space. Different kegs may have different dimensions and your shelving system needs to be modified to make the best use of the space you have available—and to accommodate to needs of the waitstaff, bartenders, and anyone else accessing the keg storage room regularly.
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