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Ventless cooking solutions from RATIONAL

Posted by GMV Sales on Apr 3, 2019 5:01:48 PM

Ventless cooking solutions from RATIONAL


Every chef can envision his or her dream kitchen down to the finest detail: cooking tools, type of equipment, and how to arrange the space. Unfortunately, when it comes to retrofitting a commercial kitchen, their creativity is often limited by one tyrannical constraint: the extractor duct.


There’s no easy way to move it to another part of the kitchen, and as a result, cooking appliances will have to remain where they’ve always been, as will everything else in the kitchen. At least, that’s what happens with traditional hoods.


With Rational’s UltraVent and UltraVent Plus recirculating hoods, however, chefs and operators can find some freedom and install cooking stations wherever they prefer.

rational ag logoUltraVent hoods eliminate steam and grease without any complicated and expensive ventilation systems. Their self-contained concept is quite simple: while the fan sucks in the air, the baffle plate captures the grease, steam is condensed into water and discharged through a drain pipe, and the air recirculates through a vent on the top of the hood. No ducting required. In addition, UltraVent Plus comes with a replaceable HEPA smoke filter and an LED that will signal automatically when it’s time to change it.


UltraVent Technology from RATIONAL


In foodservice operations, having an extractor duct in the wrong place is not always the problem, though. Not having one in the right place can also limit a restaurant’s potential. Rational’s recirculating hoods allow chefs to take cooking virtually anywhere, even to the front-of-the-house, creating a more engaging dining experience.


Staff may also notice the kitchen is less noisy. That’s because the fans require less power not having to drive steam and smoke all the way through the duct. Less power means a much lower noise level.


With UltraVent, chefs can easily build or retrofit a kitchen however they want, even without any traditional ventilation, and use their creativity to the fullest.


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