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7 Things You Didn't Know About Henkelman

Posted by GMV Sales on Jul 16, 2018 11:01:15 PM

Five Things You Didn't Know About Henkelman


GMV Sales is happy to announce the addition of Henkelman to our line of foodservice solutions. Henkelman’s singular product focus and its high production volumes allow them to offer high quality vacuum packing equipment at an attractive price.


Henkelman adds to our portfolio of chef-driven solutions that help inspire innovation in the kitchen.


Their products range from small, table-top vacuum packers to large, heavy duty, double chambers for mass production, and though most have heard of Henkelman innovations, not everyone knows their full range of capabilities.

Here are seven reasons to consider Henkelman:

1) Henkelman makes a CombiVac.


Wait, a what? A "Combi... Vac"? Yep! Want to learn more? Schedule some time to come to our test kitchen.


Henkelman Combivac


2) Henkelman has a marinating function available for their machines.


The sealing process is temporarily paused several times before the end vacuum is reached. This opens the cell structure, which enables the product to fully absorb the marinade.


3) Henkelman is a must for sous-vide cooking.


Ok, so if you know anything at all about Henkelman, this is the one you probably knew. Henkelman is a leader (and a must-have) for sous-vide cooking processes. By using a Henkelman vacuum sealer, you can ensure that food products are packed correctly and are properly prepared for bath.


4) Henkelman enhances quality and improves safety.


When you hermetically seal a vacuum bag, the bag prevents cross contamination from outside sources. This helps ensure food safety. At the same time, those same food products are also protected from atmospheric dehydration, freezer burn, and mold, with an ability to let food products mature without a loss in yield or aroma.


5) Henkelman helps reduce food waste.


When you vacuum seal foods in, harmful bacteria stays out. This extends the shelf life of your products and ultimately reduces the amount of food you throw away. Extend shelf life, and operators will sell more of what they buy.


6) Henkelman helps with portion control.


When you vacuum seal your food products, you gain the ability to optimize your storage spaces by stacking different foods together without the risk of cross contamination or spoilage. With additional space, operators can purchase in larger quantities, which often means better pricing, improved portion control, spaces that are better organized. It won't take line chefs 30 minutes to find that filet in the walk-in.


7) Henkelman helps operators stay within compliance.


In the foodservice world, HACCP compliance is critical. From the moment ingredients enter the kitchen until they are served to the customer, food must be kept and stored in the best possible conditions to ensure freshness. Vacuum sealing helps accomplish this. Make sure to follow the latest HACCP regulatory requirements, and only use an ETL certified vacuum packer.




Some food items can be prepared quicker in a vacuum....did you know you can cook kimchi in 30 minutes with help from Henkelman?






Discover more benefits and uses of Henkelman vacuum systems. Schedule some time to talk with GMV to get a personalized, one-on-one introduction.


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