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The Importance Of A Sharp Chef’s Knife (And How to Keep It Sharp)

Posted by GMV Sales on Oct 25, 2019 12:48:25 PM

The Importance Of A Sharp Chef’s Knife


Knives are one of the few pieces of equipment that a professional chef cannot do without. Even more telling, knives are so important that chefs tend to have their own and will bring them from kitchen to kitchen. With all that use, though, knives can lose their edge, both literally and figuratively.


Why are sharp knives so important? Why do chefs treat their knives with such care and respect? And how can chefs maintain sharp blades?


Let's take a quick look at each question.

The Advantages of Sharp Knives

Sharp knives are safer.


When you cut with a dull knife, you typically need to apply more force to create a successful cut. If that knife slips or drags with the additional force, it can become dangerous. Sharp knives, on the other hand, go where you want them to go without all the added pressure. This makes them easier to control.


Sharp knives are faster.


If you run a restaurant or foodservice operation, you know that time is money. When it comes to prep and breaking down protein, a good portion of that time is spent with a knife. When knives are sharp, it makes life easier for kitchen staff and it can reduce the amount of time specific tasks might take when compared to working with dull blades.


Sharp knives increase quality.


Using a very sharp knife can preserve food. It slices between cells instead of crushing them, leaving a clean cut. Think about onions, for example. Did you know that a sharp blade can help prevent your eyes from tearing up? When dull plates damage onion cells, the cells release sulfenic acid that stings your eyes.


Conversely, when cells aren't bruised, produce takes longer to wilt and stays fresh longer. And because sharp knives are easier to control, chef can cut meat closer to the bones, mince herbs in finer capacity, and even get creative with by cutting fruits and vegetables into specific shapes.


Edlund LogoWhy Edlund's 401 Electric Knife Sharpener Can Help You


Sharpening knives can feel intimidating to some. There are a lot of best practices to consider, such as making sure you sharpen as close to the heel of the blade as possible. That's what the Edlund 401 Electric Knife Sharpener can help you accomplish. In fact, it makes it easy.



The unit is a countertop, stainless steel container containing a grinding wheel and notches in the top to accompany a knife blade. Those notches serve as a guidance system, making it easy to hold a knife at the perfect angle in order to get the heel of the knife very close to the grinding wheel.


What makes sharpening your knife to the perfect edge even easier is the pressure-sensitive motor inside. If a user presses down too hard, the wheel will stop grinding. This means excessive wear and tear cannot happen from overuse and too much pressure. The guidance system can be popped off to let you easily clean the machine and let you replace the grinding wheel when the one you are using gets dull. This ease of maintenance translates to years of use.


The Edlund 401 Electric Knife Sharpener is versatile. It can sharpen a cleaver blade as well as a serrated bread knife, and blades can be as thick as 3/16th of an inch. No matter which blades you own, it's the easiest way to ensure a sharp edge, every time.


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