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How Much Can You Save from Using a ConserveWell Dipping Well?

Posted by GMV Sales on May 29, 2018 1:01:02 PM

ConserveWell from ServerProducts


Dipper wells are extremely important. If utensils are held in water above 140º F, they are protected against bacteria growth, which in turn, protects the customers who visit your establishment.


As important as they are, dipper wells can also be extremely expensive. Traditional, perpetual flow dipper wells run a constant flow of water over utensils. It results in enormous levels of water use and costs that are much higher than what they need to be when you consider alternatives.

Introducing the ConserveWell™ from ServerProducts

On average, traditional dipper wells use 30 to 60 gallons of water per hour. Compare this to a ServerProducts ConserveWell Utensil holder that will use only 600 gallons over the course of an entire year.


Savings? Absolutely.


Replacing your continuous-flow dipper well will save water, energy, and ultimately, money. In a 2015 study called, "Dipper Well Replacement Evaluation Report", the ConserveWell was compared side-by-side to a traditional, continuous-flow model. They monitored the baseline water and energy use of the traditional units, then they replaced them with alternatives, and then they calculated savings at two full service restaurants.


The results?


One restaurant was able to reduce water use by 115,900 gallons per year. In terms of dollars, it resulted in savings of more than 2,000 dollars.


How does ConserveWell work, and why is it so efficient?


Fresh water is replaced as needed, and continuously flowing water is not needed because high water temperatures keep bacteria from growing. The ConserveWell comes in a variety of options, including drop in, wall mounted, and models that contain a countdown timer to ensure timely water changes.


Units are easy to remove and clean, as well, making them ideal during operation and after use.


See the ServerProducts ConserveWell in action in this comprehensive, 5-minute video that will show you everything you need to know to get started.

 ServerProducts ConserveWell Video CTA


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