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How Does Winston’s CVap Technology Work?

Posted by GMV Sales on May 7, 2019 2:09:18 PM

How Does Winston’s CVap Technology Work?

Food is a curious thing.


The parts of it that nourish us – vitamins, minerals and nutrients – and those that we savor – texture, color and flavor, are just minor components. Once you remove all that, you’re left with the main ingredient: water.


Convection ovens don’t have a lot of respect for water in food. The electric coil heats the air and transfers heat to food starting from the outside and gradually making its way to the core. It’s a lengthy process, and by the time the center is cooked, the outer portion is overdone, most of the moisture has escaped, and so have the vitamins, flavor, and all the things that make food what it is.


Winston CvapEven for the most skilled chefs it’s a delicate balancing act: too much moisture and the food turns to mush, too little and it gets burnt. With CVap by Winston Foodservice, it's an easy balance.

CVap (controlled vapor) technology uses both heat and water to give chefs more control, consistency, and yield. A CVap creates a cloud of moisture at a very precise temperature and cooks food by bringing the water to an equal one. The result is evenly cooked food with all the juiciness (or crispiness) that it’s meant to have.


Video: CVap 101 from Winston





And there are even more reasons why CVap is a better choice than convection ovens.


Water vapor speeds up cooking time, which means that CVap needs less energy. You can also increase productivity and save labor by cooking overnight. The oven will then hold it for hours keeping the same texture and moisture. A cook n hold is nothing new, but with a CVAP its different.


Learn more about CVap technology and how it can impact your commercial kitchen. Schedule a free consultation with GMV Sales, and we'll give a personal, one-on-one introduction to this amazing technology.


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