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[Case Study] Discover Savings Using a State-of-the-Art Dipper Well

Posted by GMV Sales on Feb 12, 2019 1:27:11 PM

Discover Savings Using a State-of-the-Art Dipper Well


The easiest way to learn the impact a particular piece of foodservice equipment can have is to test it. When it comes to dipper wells, that's exactly what they did in a Frontier Energy study conducted at the Food Service Technology Center in California, which is better known as Fishnick.


The organization is well-known for their performance tests they then turn into "education, viable resources, and up-to-date information at no cost." They conduct these studies across a whole range of commercial kitchen functions ranging from lighting to HVAC.


Their study titled, "Dipper Well Replacement Evaluation Report," analyzed what can happen if a ServerProducts ConserveWell is used instead of a traditional, alternative well. In effect, they wanted to study how much more water a constant-flow unit uses when compared to water-saving options like ConserveWell.


In a recent blog post, we looked at some of these results. Using ConserveWell reduced water consumption by 115,900 gallons per year, which translated to a cost savings of more than 2,000 dollars.


But what does ConserveWell look like outside a testing facility in a real life commercial kitchen? The answer is pretty similar. Consider this 2016 article in Food Newsfeed.


Frisch's Big Boy Restaurant is one of the Midwest's most established chain restaurants throughout the states of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. In their efforts to become more cost-effective and environmentally friendly, they looked at several ways to update their equipment and materials. ServerProducts' ConserveWell was one of these upgrades.


After installing two ConserveWell units, they saved 7.8 million gallons of water per year just by eliminating units that require constant water flow. In addition to saving water, the upgrades kept water heated above 140º F to prevent bacteria growth, and timers now alert employees when water changes are needed.


"The new ConserveWell units make sense on two levels," said Tim Reilley, director of facilities and construction for Frisch's. "They save money on water and they will reduce maintenance costs because we won't have to deal with clogged drains like we did with the old systems."


Lower utility bills. Easier operation. More efficient maintenance. These are all important benefits of the ConserveWell from ServerProducts. They are one of the easiest upgrades a New England commercial kitchen can install, but the best way to see the impact they can have is to see for yourself.


See the ServerProducts ConserveWell in action in this comprehensive, 5-minute video that will show you everything you need to know to get started.

 ServerProducts ConserveWell Video CTA


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