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A Quick Comparison of Edlund's New BRAVO! BRV Series of Digital Portion Scales

Posted by GMV Sales on Aug 17, 2018 12:07:19 PM

A Quick Comparison of Edlund's New BRAVO! BRV Series Digital Portion Scales


DID YOU KNOW... Almost all Edlund scales can be recalibrated in the field? Both mechanical and digital scales. Before you throw out your next scale, check to see if it's made by Edlund. If so, you may have just saved yourself a lot of money. If its not Edlund, you might consider your next scale be an Edlund!


Edlund's new BRAVO! BRV Series of Digital Portion Scales is the new industry standard in affordably priced, high-performance scales for foodservice operations.




With different models providing a variety of benefits, it might be a little overwhelming to determine which one is right for the demands of your operation, so we've assembled a brief comparison for your convenience.

BRV-160-W 10lb Submersible Waterproof Digital Scale

This unit, pictured above, is completely submersible with an IP 67 rating. It features a larger, oversized platform allowing for greater flexibility and weighing options without taking up too much space. Components are sealed away and protected from grease, dust, and of course, water, resulting in a longer scale life.


The BRV-160 unit, which has display options including 10lb x 0.1oz, 160oz x 0.1oz, 160oz x 1/8oz, and 5000g x 1g, also comes in a non-waterproof option that includes an exclusive ClearShield Protective Cover instead of the waterproof sealing of the 160-W submersible model.

BRV-160 OP Digital Portion ScaleBRV-160 OP 10lb Digital Portion Scale

The BRV-160 OP Digital Portion Scale includes an exclusive ClearShield Protective Cover to help it stand up to almost any task while being protected from potentially corrosive outside agents. OP stands for Oversized Platform, giving you more space for measuring products. It includes display options including 160oz x 0.05oz, 160oz x 1/8oz, 10lb x 0.05oz, and 5000g x 1g. 

BRV-320 Digital Portion ScaleBRV-320 20lb Digital Portion Scale

The BRV-320 is larger than the BRV-160 and contains display options of 20lb x 0.1oz/320oz x 0.1oz/320oz x 1/8oz/10000g x 2g. It includes standard ClearShield Protective Covering and a larger, easy to read LCD display.


BRV-480 Digital Portion ScaleBRV-480 30lb Digital Portion Scale

Similar to the BRV-160 and -320, the BRV-480 has display options that include 30lb x 0.2oz, 480oz x 0.2oz, 480oz x 1/4oz, and 5000g x 5g. It also includes the exclusive ClearShield Protective Cover.


BRVS-10 Digital Portion ScaleBRVS-10 Digital Portion Scale

The smallest model of the BRAVO! BRV Series from Edlund, the BRVS-10 includes display options of 10lb x 0.1oz and 5000g x 2g. Like the other non-waterproof models, it utilizes the ClearShield Protective Covers that can also be purchased in replacement three-packs.



How Accurate is Your Scale?

The numbers speak for themselves. Here's an example of just how much your foodservice operation could be losing with an inaccurate scale. Over the full course of a year, you could be wasting thousands of dollars worth of protein. So why take the risk with an unreliable portion scale? 

Edlund ROI Calculator



Learn more about the benefits of the BRAVO! BRV Series of Digital Portion Scales from Edlund. Schedule some time with a representative at GMV Sales, and we'll walk you through the different models that will help achieve your operational objectives.


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