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A Quick Look at Nu-Foam Sanitizing Tablets

Posted by GMV Sales on Feb 3, 2020 8:29:36 AM

A Quick Look at Nu-Foam Sanitizing Tablets


Have you ever waited patiently for your drink order to arrive only to notice grease marks all over the side of the glass? For customers, it can mean a sub-par experience in your bar or restaurants. For you, the operator, it can mean lost profits, or worse, health code violations. Eliminating these unwanted consequences is what Nu-Foam is all about.


Nu-Foam from Glissen


Fighting a broad range of harmful organisms

A cleaning solution that doesn't remove harmful organisms from glasses, cups, spoons, and plates would not be so useful. It's especially important to use a reliable and efficient sanitizer. Nu-Foam does just that. It makes glass surfaces clean but also helps sanitize your wares as it kills dangerous microorganisms.

Nu-Foam is odorless

Nothing can be more off-putting in a glass of wine than a sanitizer that leaves its odor long after the glassware has been rinsed. These odors interfere with the taste of the drink or food and may prevent revisits from your customers. Unlike many other cleaning solutions, Nu-Foam does not leave any traces of smell or flavor behind.

Has no objectionable residue

You will also love the fact that Nu-Foam has no undesirable residue. Unlike other sanitizing tablets, Nu-Foam tablets dissolve entirely in water, so when you rinse glasses or dinnerware or cutlery, your customers will appreciate the cleanliness of their utensils. If they don't, at least they won't complain about them being dirty.
In addition, other cleaning solutions can leave residue that eventually corrodes your tableware. Dirty forks are one thing, but replacing all your forks is a whole different story.

Eliminate spots and streaks

No spots, no streaks. If you want to give your clients a memorable experience, make sure you're serving them with attractive tableware. Whether we want to admit it or not, dirty beer glasses or forks with rust in their tines can lead to a bad impression in the moment and a bad reputation in the future. Trust Nu-Foam to do the job since its unique formula helps to eliminate every spot and streak after cleaning.

To be sure no streaks or spots linger on your glasses, rinse them thoroughly in plenty of water after application of Nu-Foam. Remember, customers can always tell a clean glass from one that is not. Impress your clients with clean utensils and watch your service grow to new heights.

If you need any assistance with the sanitization of your tableware, we will be glad to schedule a free foodservice consultation with our experts to discuss innovative ways to enhance your sanitation program.


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