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9 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Salad Bar

Posted by GMV Sales on Jun 14, 2019 12:53:13 PM

9 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Salad Bar


If you're a restaurant, hotel, or another type of foodservice operation with a buffet or salad bar, getting your station noticed is one of the most important ways in getting customers. The question then becomes, how can you get your salad bar noticed?

Smart Bowls from Bon Chef and Buffet Systems from TableCraft are great options.

When you use Bon Chef's Smart Bowls or TableCraft's Buffet System, you can help take the focus away from the actual buffet serving station and put it on the food where it should be. Simple, clean, and modern -- both solutions allow the color and vibrancy of your foods and ingredients to shine. At the same time, they are easy to use; stackable and moveable, operators won't have to spend time setting up and breaking down and can, instead, focus on making sure ingredients are fresh and guests are satisfied.


Impress Customers with a Fresh Variety

When your customers come to your salad bar, make sure each trip is memorable by offering a lot of fresh ingredients. After all, one of the benefits of eating a salad is in the freshness and healthiness of the choices, so make sure to accentuate those by ensuring everything is crisp.

Dress It Up with Recipes Made in House

Cater to a variety of dietary preferences and tastes with dressings that are made right in the restaurant kitchen. Incorporate your restaurant's signature dressings into marketing and branding strategies as well. For example, include signage and ingredient lists that let diners know what they're eating. It can both entice them and help allergic and sensitive guests feel more secure in their choices.

Offer a Variety of Pasta in Your Salad Bar

One of the most popular items for customers are pasta salads, and they pair perfectly with leafy grains. Take these to the next level using pasta that is made of whole grains and toss it with feta and broccoli or grilled chicken and fresh melon. A pasta salad also will be great to use as the base for seasonal produce that's locally grown.

Don't Forget Caesar Salads

Everyone loves the iconic Caesar salad, but there are also plenty of ways that it can be recreated. Why not grill your romaine or substitute some yogurt for egg yolks? You can create your own signature Caesar just with some homemade dressing and handcrafted croutons. When you're adding salad variations to your salad bar, don't forget about one of the most popular salad varieties of all.

Showcase the Salads as Some Comfort Food

A lot of people think about salads as something that is for losing weight and eating healthy. But you can change that. Warm up your customers' appetites with your salad bar so that it brings back fond memories. Delight and surprise them with comforting and delicious combinations such as hard-boiled eggs and sliced potatoes or crisp bacon and creamy macaroni. When you place favorite dishes into your salad bar, you're going to find customers coming back for more.

Add a Touch of Elegance

Your salad bar can easily become more elegant when you place some surprising and fancy ingredients in it. You can offer some luxurious items in the salad bar like beef tenderloin that's been sliced thin, freshly peeled shrimp or lump crab. If you're looking to spruce up your Sunday brunch, don't forget about some of the ingredients and foods that keep guests interested.

Don't Forget the Soups

Do you know what goes great with salads? Soups! That's why it's a good idea to add some homemade soups to your salad bar. Offer hot soups like minestrone and chowder and cold soups like vichyssoise and gazpacho. Cost-effective salads and soups make a great pair that especially works well for creating menus that are health conscious.

Elevate Your Salad to Entrée Status

Upgrade the salad choices on the buffet from side dishes to delicious and enticing sides. You can transition your dishes for lunch and for dinner service to your salad bar when you recreate them on a bed of incredible produce. Make sure you're keeping your customers' interest high and your salads fresh by rotating the salad ingredients according to the season.

Update Your Salad Bar's Look

When you have a salad bar, you want the focus to be on your ingredients, not the bar itself. Consider serving vessels that are easy to use for staff members and will help entice your guests into ordering the salad bar.




* Check out the Simple Solutions buffet system from TableCraft


* Check out EZ Fit Smart Bowls from Bon Chef.


Simple Solutions     EZ Fit Smart Bowls Cutsheet BC-EZFITSMARTBOWL-CS


Looking for more information about salad bar and buffet systems that can help your operation? Schedule a free food service equipment consultation with one of the GMV Sales experts to see new and innovative ways to enhance your buffet or salad bar.


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