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Some Key Highlights from our visit to the Hestan Factory

Posted by GMV Sales on Dec 3, 2019 6:21:35 PM


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Technology and design are essential in a number of industries, including the culinary realm. Depending on the needs and functions in your kitchen, it is vital to choose leading equipment selections.


At the Hestan Factory, we had the opportunity to witness how the quality and design of these different appliances showcase the foundation and expertise that goes into each product. The above video provides a quick glimpse at what we saw.


The Hestan brand is quickly rising to the top of culinary equipment, and below are the reasons why.

They have Thomas Keller's approval.

A well-known and decorated American chef, Thomas Keller has spent his culinary career progressing in this industry and has the expertise to collaborate with his experience. While the ingredients are the star of the dish, the vital medium used to cook and develop these flavors are crucial. Because of his experience, reputation, and consistent use of commercial-grade kitchen appliances, his stamp of approval is essential.


Hestan Commercial and Hestan Home appliances are endorsed by Chef Thomas Keller. His approval of Hestan is so high he installed them in his restaurants and has become a brand ambassador for them. For many chefs and culinary kitchens across the country, this confirms the quality and efficiency that the Hestan brand portrays. They are featured in his leading restaurants, La Calenda, Per Se, and The French Laundry, among others.

Hestan's quality is unparalleled in the industry.

Our customers appreciate the brand ambassadors and partners for the Hestan culinary line. Their testimonies deliver credibility to the brand and equipment. The quality, however, speaks for itself. Since 2015, various appliances have received awards and recognition for their quality and ability to withstand the demands needed in a commercial kitchen. Even recently, they are still leading in awards for design and innovation.

Ranges and burners have been nominated as the leaders in kitchen innovation. The functionality of these products is designed with chef influence so they can make the job much easier and more efficient in kitchens worldwide. Other appliances such as pass-thru  oven bases and bottom mount refrigeration have excelled in their performance category.

The Ready-Made Program eliminates waiting.

Not everything is custom from Hestan!

Outside of the quality and functionality of the Hestan brand is the ready-made program that has chefs and commercial kitchens purchasing these appliances around the clock. The Ready-Made standards are available in a stainless steel exterior finish and can come with natural gas or liquid propane options. Customers can choose from French tops, rangetops, ovens, and other appliances to fit the layout and design of their kitchen.

Since these appliances are already made, they can ship in three to five days in most locations. For higher altitudes, an additional day or two may be required. This is monumental for commercial kitchens who are in need of equipment that may have failed only days before a major event or during a peak period. Certain specifications on these items may be required to ensure that the appropriate appliance is delivered to the commercial kitchen.

Choose Hestan


The options and varieties supplied to kitchens have a foundation in quality, functionality, and innovation to enhance the performance within the kitchen. These appliances are not standard, they are built to last and are endorsed by reputable chefs and acknowledged for their performance with several awards.


Understanding the company you choose to do business with is paramount in today's world. Hestan is committed to the preparation of food inside and outside the home. On the plate and in the glass. 


Hestan as a master brand supports our industry by pushing the bar higher and higher. They force the competition to improve. They are innovating items and categories that have been stagnant from many years.


If your kitchen could benefit from an upgrade, consider supporting a brand that is leading in innovation and efficiency, visit the Hestan Brand today for a look at their product line and contact us when your ready. 



If you're ready to upgrade your kitchen's performance, look no further than Hestan's solutions. Get a foodservice equipment assessment from GMV Sales, and let us help you find the best equipment for your foodservice operation. 


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