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Check Out These 2019 Kitchen Innovation Award Winners from GMV Sales

Posted by GMV Sales on Mar 4, 2019 8:11:01 PM

Check Out These 2019 Kitchen Innovation Award Winners from GMV Sales

Every year, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) releases a list of the foodservice equipment and supplies that are the biggest innovators of the year. As we just witnessed at The NAFEM Show 2019, there's no shortage of innovations this year, and being that it's the 100th anniversary of the NRA Show, it's even an bigger honor to receive a Kitchen Innovation Award.


Awards are given to products that increase efficiencies and productivity in new and innovative ways. They are selected by an independent panel of judges including consultants, executives, and foodservice design experts. They will go on exhibit in a special Kitchen Innovations section of the show floor in Chicago, but we would like to point out a few important award winners today.


Antunes Jet Steamer JS-1000

Antunes Kitchen InnovationA blank-sheet rethink of countertop steaming: the Jet Steamer injects high-velocity steam into controlled bursts in a closed pitcher for complete penetration throughout the food within the pitcher, allowing for significantly faster cook times. The steam also mixes ingredients, saving operators time when preparing items such as soups, eggs, and chili.


The unique shape of the unit's steaming cup combined with the velocity and temperature of the steam mixes and heats foods significantly faster than traditional methods — from scrambled eggs in 12 seconds to tortellini in 45 seconds. Additionally, the user-friendly touchscreen interface enables operators to preprogram cooking times for a variety of fresh menu items.

“Using just plain tap water, Antunes steamers keep the nutritional integrity of foods intact while bringing out their flavors — making it a healthy cooking method,” said Steve Pytlak, product manager for Antunes. “With the Jet Steamer, the made-to-order options are nearly limitless, providing operators with increased flexibility and efficiency to better serve their customers.”



Rational Kitchen InnovationWith the recirculating ventless hood market heating up, RATIONAL has come up with the UltraVent Plus, the first one that is retrofittable, incorporates four filters and requires no catalytic converter for grilling and roasting, and comes in a configuration that can be retrofitted even to RATIONAL Combi-Duo stacked electric countertop combis.


The UltraVent® Plus model is equipped to prevent steam as well as bothersome smoke that could otherwise develop when grilling or roasting. This makes it possible to install RATIONAL units in more demanding locations as well, such as front cooking areas.


Learn more about these two Kitchen Innovation Award winners available from GMV Sales. Schedule a time to talk with an expert to discover additional details.


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